Hall County Sheriff's Department Most Wanted
If you have information on the whereabouts of any of these individuals, please contact the Hall County Sheriff's Department at (308) 385-5200.
*** Do not attempt to apprehend these individuals yourself. ***

Last Updated 10/19/2019 12:00:06 AM.

Travis W Hisey
Jose WG Chan
Raymond L Moreno Jr
Fail to appear; Possession of controlled substance, theft by receiving stolen property, possession drug paraphernalia; Class 2 Felony
Fail to appear: Strangulation, Domestic assault, assault 3rd degree; Class 3 Felony
Fail to appear:Possesion controlled substance, Driving during suspension, Possession drug paraphernalia; Class 4 Felony
W, M, 600, 210, Haz, Bln
A, M, 508, 165, Bro, Blk
H, M, 506, 160, Bro, Bro
Seith W Wiemers
Dakota R Reinert
Odalis Sanchez
Revocation of Probation; Strangulation Class 3 Felony
Fail to appear: Possession Controlled Substance; Class 4 Felony
-Fail to appear: drive on shoulder, Driving during suspension; Class 3 Misd.  -Fail to appear: Driving during suspension, fail to yield ,fail use child restraint: Class 3 Misd
H, M, 507, 135, Bro, Bro
W, M, 508, 245, Blu, Bro
H, F, 411, 144, Bro, Bro
Leocadio Zunun De La Cruz
Aryany G Bonilla Menjivar
Jacob C Millings
Fail to appear; Driving under the influence 3rd offense, driving during suspension; Class 3 Felony
Fail to appear: Driving under suspension; Possession Mari 1oz or less 1st Off Class 3 Misd
Fail to Pay: False Reporting Class 1 Misd
H, M, 500, 166, Bro, Blk
H, F, 507, 153, Bro, Blk
B, M, 604, 160, Bro, Blk