Hall County Sheriff's Department Most Wanted
If you have information on the whereabouts of any of these individuals, please contact the Hall County Sheriff's Department at (308) 385-5200.
*** Do not attempt to apprehend these individuals yourself. ***

Last Updated 7/19/2018 12:50:01 AM.

Alexis Miranda
Yonliher Toirac-Magana
FTA robbery Fel 2
Revoc prob;original charge PCS Fel 4
H, M, 5’11”, 190
brown eyes  
brown hair
H, M, 6’1”, 205 brown eyes  
black hair
Tess Kleinknecht
Cassie Evans
Revoc probation;org charge DDR 1st off Fel 4
FTA theft services $0-500 Mis 2
W, F, 5’4”, 130 green eyes 
red hair
W, F, 5’0”, 122 
hazel eyes 
brown hair
Brian Starkey
Jennifer Thompson
Yeratain Perez-Barrios
FTP; DUI .15+ or refusal 1 prior conv Mis 1
FTP Child Support payments
FTP: DUS Mis 2
W, M, 5’7”,142  hazel eyes 
brown hair
W, F, 5’7”, 125
blue eyes
blonde hair
H, M, 5’4”, 189  brown eyes
black hair