Hall County Sheriff's Department Most Wanted
If you have information on the whereabouts of any of these individuals, please contact the Hall County Sheriff's Department at (308) 385-5200.
*** Do not attempt to apprehend these individuals yourself. ***

Last Updated 12/12/2019 12:10:03 AM.

Elias E Mendoza
Thomas k Shriner
Marcell Roche-Gonzalez
Revocation of probation: Terroristic threats, Obstructing, use of weapon to commit felony, possession marijuana; Class 1 Felony
Theft by receiving stolen property $5,000+; Class 2 Felony
Fail to appear: Revocation of Probation - original charge Terroristic; Class 4 Felony
H, M, 505, 120, Bro, Blk
A, M, 507, 140, Bro, Blk
H, M, 600, 158, Bro, Bro
Mario Partida
Tanner S Reaper
Fail to appear: Possession controlled substance, possession drug paraphernalia; Class 4 Felony
Theft by Receiving Stolen Property; Operate motore vehicle to avoid arrest; Class 2 Felony
H, M, 510, 210, Bro, Blk
W, M, 508, 144, Blu, Bro
Jamie P Lopez Jr
Selvin J Valerio Landaverde
Failed to report for probation sanction X2; Class 4 Felony
Dom assault-3rd degree/prior; Class 3 Felony
H, M, 510, 145, Bro, Blk
H, M, 503, 150, Bro, Bro