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Work Release Rules

Frequently Asked Questions: Work Release Rules


  1. Employers shall provide written documentation that employees are covered under current Nebraska Workman’s Compensation Law.
  2. Once work release has been approved, the inmate will read and acknowledge his/her understanding of the order for Work Release by signing and dating the statement that he/she understands any violation of the general terms and conditions would be cause for termination of work release status.
  3. The order for work release will be validated with the Judge’s signature as approval.
  4. The work release inmate will follow all rules of the Hall County Department of Corrections.
  5. The Hall County Department of Corrections may conduct an in-house Disciplinary Hearing on the violation of these work release rules. The sentencing judge may also hold an informal hearing on violating the work release court order.
  6. Any violation of jail rules and regulations or work release rules will be cause for possible removal from the work release program and the sentencing judge will be notified.
  7. Once violated from the work release program, an inmate will not be considered for work release again for one calendar year.
  8. Work Release inmates may bring in two (2) sets of clothing in addition to what they are wearing.
  9. All Work Release inmates will be strip searched every time they enter the jail.
  10. Work Release inmates will do their own laundry with jail provided washer and dryer.
  11. Work Release inmates will be required to change into jail uniforms while in the facility.
  12. Work Release inmates will place their clothing in the proper storage area.
  13. Transportation arrangement will be the responsibility of the inmate.
  14. Work release inmates are not allowed to have more than one (1) job or any part-time jobs.
  15. No pre-sentenced inmate will be eligible for work release.
  16. Work release inmates must pass an initial drug-screen at their expense and are subject to random drug and/or alcohol testing.