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Accident Reports

Accident Reports

If you are trying to contact the Hall County Sheriff's Office to report a crime, accident or other incident there are several methods that you may use. If you are trying to report any crime that is in progress, call 911 immediately. For other matters the Sheriff's office can be reached at (308) 385-5200 or you can send an e-mail to Chief Deputy Quinn Webb

For any motor vehicle accident, the driver of the involved vehicles will need to complete a NE State Accident Report. The sheriff's office will only need to be contacted if the damage to any one person's vehicle or property is more than $1,000 or if someone is injured.

You can now view (and print/save) your accident reports online, before retrieving your accident report please note:

  • All accesses through this site are monitored, unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.
  • To retrieve your accident report you will need a report number that is assigned by the Sheriff's Department.
  • Please contact the Sheriff's Department with any questions regarding retrieving your accident report.

Enter your accident number: