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Historical Maps Of Nebraska

Historical Maps Of Nebraska

Note that all maps on this page have been digitally retouched after scanning and therefore differ from the originals. The maps are for provided for educational / informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for navigation, surveying, etc.

Click here to view a list of the historical Hall County place names as shown on these maps. Note that due to errors by the map publishers the placement and spelling of locales may have been incorrect on the original maps and will appear as such in the list.

Explanation of the image formats available:
Low resolution Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
Medium resolution Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
High resolution Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
High resolution JPEG2000 file download, allows for offline access to the high resolution image.
Online high resolution image viewer, allows for high magnification to see details unavailable in the low/medium resolution PDF options. Note that a watermark will be displayed on the image which is not visible on the downloaded PDF/JP2 files.

Images were scanned from originals in the following collections:
Nebraska State Historical Society
Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
Library of Congress
Omaha Public Library

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Robinson's Western Territories of the United States - 1847  

Seibert's Map of the United States Between the
Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean - 1857
M78 1857 J38

U.S. Surveyor General's Office Nebraska - 1857
M782 1857 Q7t 1930

Surveyor General's Office Map Showing the Progress of Public Surveys in Kansas and Nebraska - 1859
M782 B588m 1859

Colton's Kansas and Nebraska - 1859
M782 1859 C72

Mitchell's Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado - 1860  

Colton's Kansas and Nebraska - 1855 (c.1862)
G4200 1855 .C6 TIL

Johnson's Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado, & Kansas - 1862

Mitchell's Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado
and Idaho - 1861 (c.1863)  

UPRR map of a portion of Nebraska Territory - 1865
G4191.P3 1865 .D4 RR 588

U.S. General Land Office Kansas and Nebraska - 1865
G4201.P3 1865 .U5 RR 127

Johnson's Nebraska, Dakota, Idaho, Montana, & Wyoming - 1869
M78 1869 J63n 198

Gray's Nebraska - 1873
M782 1873 G79

J.H Noteware's Nebraska - 1873
M782 1873 N84

Rand McNally's Nebraska, UPRR Land Grant (in German) - 1873

Colton's Map of Nebraska, Burlington & Missouri Riv. R.R. Co. - 1876
G4191.P3 1876 .G15 RR 353

Wight's Nebraska - 1876

Gray's Nebraska - 1878

Cram's Railroad & Township Map of Nebraska - 1879
G4191.P3 1879 .C7 RR 251

A. Gast & Co.'s B.&M. Railroad Lands in the
Loup River Region - 1879
M782 18 B92

Gray's Nebraska - 1880

H.R. Page & Co.'s Map of Nebraska UPRR Land Grant - 1880
G4191.P3 1879 .P3 RR 593

Rand McNally's Nebraska - 1882

A. Gast & Co.'s Nebraska, UPRR Land Grant - 1882

Bradley's Nebraska - 1884

Cram's Nebraska - 1885

Everts & Kirk's Nebraska - 1885

Burlington Route Map of Nebraska - 1886
G4191.P3 1886 .H5 RR 249

Alt's Railway Map of Nebraska - 1889
G4191.P3 1889 .A4 RR 250

The images provided on this site were scanned from printed maps published before 1923, Hall County is providing access to these materials for educational and research purposes and is not aware of any U.S. copyright protection (see Title 17 of the United States Code) or any other restrictions.