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State Statutes

Hall County Surveyor

State of Nebraska Statutes:

Section 23-1901
County surveyor; county engineer; qualifications; powers and duties.

It shall be the duty of the county surveyor to make or cause to be made all surveys within his or her county that the county surveyor may be called upon to make and record the same.

In all counties having a population of at least fifty thousand inhabitants but less than one hundred fifty thousand inhabitants, the county surveyor shall be ex officio county engineer and shall be either a professional engineer as provided in the Engineers and Architects Regulation Act or a registered land surveyor as provided in sections 81-8,108 to 81-8,127 or both. In such counties, the office of surveyor shall be full time.

The county engineer or ex officio county engineer shall:

(a) Prepare all plans, specifications, and detail drawings for the use of the county in advertising and letting all contracts for the building and repair of bridges, culverts, and all public improvements upon the roads;

(b) Make estimates of the cost of all such contemplated public improvements, make estimates of all material required for such public improvements, inspect the material and have the same measured and ascertained, and report to the county board whether the same is in accordance with its requirements;

(c) Superintend the construction of all such public improvements and inspect and require that the same shall be done according to contract;

(d) Make estimates of the cost of all labor and material which shall be necessary for the construction of all bridges and improvements upon public highways, inspect all of the work and materials placed in any such public improvements, and make a report in writing to the county board with a statement in regard to whether the same comply with the plans, specifications, and detail drawings of the county board prepared for such work or improvements and under which the contract was let; and

(e) Have charge and general supervision of work or improvements authorized by the county board, inspect all materials, direct the work, and make a report of each piece of work to the county board.

The county engineer or surveyor shall also have such other and further powers as are necessarily incident to the general powers granted.

Section 23-1907
Original corners; perpetuation.

It shall be the duty of the county surveyor in surveys made by him or her to perpetuate all original corners not at the time well marked, and all corners or angles that he or she may establish or reestablish, in a permanent manner by setting monuments containing ferromagnetic material, according to the instructions of the State Surveyor.

Section 34-201
Preservation during construction and other work.

It shall be the duty of every individual or corporation engaged either directly or indirectly in the construction of any irrigation ditch, drainage ditch, railroad, side track or spur track, or any other construction, or in any other activity whatsoever, that endangers or may endanger or may cause the loss or destruction of any landmark or corner of land surveys or boundaries, to employ the county surveyor of the county wherein they are situated to properly perpetuate or witness said landmarks and corners according to law.

Section 81-8,122
Land survey; where filed.

When the county shall receive an official copy of a survey from a registered land surveyor or from the survey record repository established pursuant to section 84-412, such copy shall be placed on file in the office of the county surveyor in the county where the land is located. If no regular office is maintained in the county courthouse for the county surveyor, it shall be placed on file in the office of the county clerk.

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