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Inmate Trustee Programs

Frequently Asked Questions: Inmate Trustee Programs


Trustees must display the ability to get along with other inmates, trustees and correctional officers. To be considered for trustee, an inmate must have a good jail record. Trustees are required to maintain a high degree of personal hygiene, and a neat, clean, well-groomed appearance. Kitchen trustees may have a neatly trimmed mustache. No beards will be allowed. Trustees may lose their classification for any violation of jail rules.


  1. Trustees shall not receive visitors while working outside.
  2. Trustees will have no contact from family or friends while outside working.
  3. All money shall be placed on the inmate’s account. No money shall be left with any employee or inmate for cigarettes. Trustees will not be given or possess smoking materials at any time.
  4. Once trustees leave the jail for work during anytime of the day or night, they shall be allowed to return only to Release Center for restroom or meal breaks. Inmates shall be strip searched before entering the jail for these breaks. The trustee shall be accompanied by staff during any work in this facility or the immediate vicinity.
  5. Trustees will be supervised at all times when outside. They will always be in the sight of either work crew officers or the Maintenance staff.
  6. All tools needed for working in the jail need to be brought in by the Maintenance staff or work crew officer.
  7. Trustees will not be allowed to use the telephone in the Maintenance Shop.
  8. Trustees will wear uniforms at all times. This means both the top and the bottom of the uniform.
  9. Trustees will wear safety equipment when called for.
  10. Trustees will be strip-searched upon return to the jail from outside projects.
  11. Outside trustees are picked from inside trustee workers. Their work habits and willingness to work are a determining factor on being chosen for outside trustee.