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Frequently Asked Questions: Commissary

Commissary is offered for the purpose of funding the Inmate Welfare Account. Anything that enhances the welfare of the inmates is paid for from the profits generated by Commissary.

Items sold through commissary include hygiene products, writing materials} and postage, entertainment items, clothing , snack food and telephone calling cards.

Inmates place their orders for Commissary by filling out and signing} an order form listing all the items available and the prices (which includes sales tax where applicable). The inmate’s signature is his/her authorization to deduct the amount from his/her account.

Order forms are distributed by the correctional officers Monday and} Wednesday evenings. The forms are collected when breakfast trays are removed on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The commissary orders are then filled and distributed to the inmates. The total amount of each inmate’s order is deducted from his/her individual trust account money ledger. Written notification will be given in case of change in days.

When commissary is distributed to the cells, each inmate is required to} check the order and sign the receipt in front of the officer. No refunds will be issued after this time.

Indigent commissary distribution is on Tuesdays only.