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Frequently Asked Questions: Mail

Prisoners are entitled to unlimited mailing privileges. Letters will be stamped with “Hall County Jail-Inmate Mail-Contents Uncensored” by the correctional officers before being mailed. For the purpose of jail security, all incoming mail will be opened and inspected for contraband. Any money found will be placed in the INMATE TRUST ACCOUNT until an inmate’s release. After inspection of the mail, it will be delivered within a reasonable amount of time. Mail, letters or notes will be accepted through the postal system only. Mail is received by the jail Monday through Friday only, with no holiday delivery.

Inmates shall be allowed to send sealed confidential mail to a specified class of persons or organizations to include their legal counsel, courts, government officials, and members of the confining authority. Outgoing mail will not be inspected, censored or opened, nor will it be interfered with in any manner. Inmate to inmate mail is not allowed in this facility.

Stamps may be purchased on commissary. Indigent prisoners will be supplied with stationary materials upon indigent commissary request for their personal use. A maximum of three (3) non-legal letters per week can be mailed from an inmate’s indigent account. (“Indigent” shall mean an inmate with less than $2.00 on account for a period of one week.) The mailing address of the jail is 110 Public Safety Drive, Grand Island, NE 68802-2008.