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There are plenty of other gamebirds in central Nebraska to peak the interest of sportsman year-round, including but not limited to, Mourning Dove, Eurasian Collared Dove, Ringneck Pheasant, Bobwhite Quail, and Wild Turkey. Dove season usually runs from the start of September through the end of October, and this year hunters are encouraged to report their locating of doves banded by wildlife biologists in an ongoing management study of their populations. Pheasant and Quail seasons coincide, running from the end of October through the end of January.

Much of our area offers perfect cover for dove, pheasant, and quail, which all prefer the crop fields that are abundant in Hall County. These small game birds prefer to nest, roost and raise broods in grassland areas nestled in among rows of corn, wheat, oats and an occasional cattail marsh used for winter cover. Hunting in this open setting is what makes small game bird hunting so appealing.

Being the largest upland game bird in North America, the wild turkey is highly sought after by hunters of all ages. The Spring turkey season in our area runs from the middle of April through the third week in May. The Fall wild turkey season in Nebraska runs roughly from the middle of October through the first week of November and from the third week in November through the end of November. Wild turkeys disappeared from Nebraska around 1915, with their numbers growing to present levels from releases starting in 1959. As with all game birds, turkey hunting requires permits be obtained and bag limits and other regulations apply, please see the Clerk's office for hunting regulations and permits.

Photos: ©Peter LaTourrette