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Mission Statement

The mission of the Hall County Register of Deeds Department is to record, manage, account, and preserve all records in our custody as set forth by Nebraska Statute. This office shall be committed to providing information and serving the public in an efficient, courteous and economical manner.

The Register of Deeds Department is responsible for recording and maintaining all transactions having to do with Real Property. The duties of the office are to record the documents presented at the time of delivery, proofread and index them accordingly. Documents received in the Register of Deeds Department include but are not limited to various Deeds, Plats, Mortgages, Reconveyances, Death Certificates, and State and Federal Tax Liens. The Register of Deeds Department scans documents and processes them for use.

The records in the Register of Deeds Department are a vital part of our county's Geographical Information System (GIS).

You may use Hall County/Grand Island GIS Viewer for retrieval of specific information on property such as ownership, history of sales and purchase amounts, subdivision boundaries, as well as viewing scanned images of recorded documents.

You may use the Instrument Search if you are searching for deed instruments.

If you have interest in Hall County from a historical perspective you may want to check out our Historical Maps/Atlases section. These atlases of the past are a wealth of useful information. Also, the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management maintains a searchable database of historical Federal Land Patents which document the original transfer of land from the Federal government to individuals.

The Real Estate Transfer Statement (Form 521) is required to be filed with the Register of Deeds Department when a deed to real estate, memorandum of contract, or land contract is presented for recording.

Please review the 2013 Fee Sheet for details on the fees for the various services offered.