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Mission and Goals

The Hall County Assessor's Office is dedicated to providing accurate market values for all real property in the County. The office has a staff of professional appraisers and support staff that is responsible for attaining that goal. We maintain a complete file of sale data on all types of property and each sale is reviewed before it is included in our sale database.

We have established a Geographic Information System, which has improved our cadastral mapping requirements, assists us in the process of establishing market values and the process of equalization.

We are responsible for:

  • Maintaining personal property accounts for individuals and companies.
  • Administering the Homestead Exemption program.
  • Reviewing exemption applications for all religious, charitable, educational, cemetery, agricultural and horticultural societies on real and personal property.

Our professional staff is dedicated to providing information and assistance to every property owner in Hall County, whether it is by phone or a personal visit to our office. We encourage all the property owners in Hall County to contact our office with valuation questions or assistance for any programs we are responsible for administering.

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File Your Personal Property Schedule(s) Online

Forms Available Online:

Tax Exemption on Real and Personal Property Application, Form 451

Statement of Reaffirmation of Tax Exemption, Form 451A

Nebraska Homestead Exemption Application, Form 458

Nebraska Schedule I-Income Statement, Form 458

Manufactured Housing Transfer Statement, Form 521MH

Property Valuation Protest, Form 422
(Form 422 allows real property valuations to be stated for land, buildings, and total)

Property Valuation Protest, Form 422A
(Form 422A allows real property valuations to be stated in total)

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