Hall County Sheriff's Department Most Wanted
If you have information on the whereabouts of any of these individuals, please contact the Hall County Sheriff's Department at (308) 385-5200.
*** Do not attempt to apprehend these individuals yourself. ***

Last Updated 10/20/2016 12:55:37 PM.

Casey Campos
Robert Trejo Jr
Bashir Barrow
Revocation of probation
FTA assault menacing threat
FTP DUI 1st.  and FTP attempt class II misdemeanor, and FTA DUI 1st.
HM, 5’6”, 180, brown, black
HM, 6’, 240, brown, black
BM, 6’, 150, brown, black
Charles Royle
Domestic assault third degree
WM, 5’5”, 165, blue, blond
Jerad Mealy
Keith Jarmin
FTP possession drug paraphernalia and FTP False reporting
FTA contempt citation child support
WM, 5’11”, 215, blue, blond
WM, 6’1”, 185, blue, brown