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1904 Hall County Atlas

1904 Hall County Atlas

This online version of the atlas has been provided for educational/informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for navigation, surveying, etc.

Note that the page numbers were not consecutive in the original atlas, all non-blank pages have been included below.

A name index compiled from data provided by the Nebraska State Historical Society is available for searching. If you would like to download the entire name index in printable format, click here.

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Untitled Document
1904 Hall County Atlas
All Sheets (59):
3:  Title

5:  Table Of

7:  Outline Map Of
Hall County

9:  Lake

11:  Prairie Creek

13:  Mayfield

15:  South Loup

17:  Cameron

19:  Harrison

21:  Center

24:  Washington / Alda Precincts (1/2) / Abbott

25:  Washington / Alda Precincts (2/2)

28:  Wood River
Precinct (1/2)

29:  Wood River
Precinct (2/2) / Doniphan Plat

32:  Jackson
Precinct (1/2)

33:  Jackson
Precinct (2/2)

36:  Martin
Precinct (1/2) / Alda Plat

37:  Martin
Precinct (2/2)

39:  South Platte

42:  Doniphan
Precinct (1/2) / Cairo Plat

43:  Doniphan
Precinct (2/2)

46:  Grand Island
North Part (1/2)

47:  Grand Island,
North Part (2/2)

50:  Grand Island,
South Part (1/2)

51:  Grand Island,
South Part (2/2)

54:  Grand Island,
Northeast Part / Wood River Plat (1/2)

55:  Wood River Plat (2/2)

58:  State Of
Nebraska (1/2)

59:  State Of
Nebraska (2/2)

62:  United
States (1/2)

63:  United
States (2/2)

66:  World

67:  World

69:  Patrons
Reference (1/2)

70:  Patrons
Reference (2/2)

71:  Portraits

73:  Portraits

75:  Portraits

Supplement I:
Land Surveys (1/2)

Supplement II:
Land Surveys (2/2)

Supplement III:
Civil Govt. (1/4)

Supplement IV:
Civil Govt. (2/4)

Supplement V:
Civil Govt. (3/4)

Supplement VI:
Civil Govt. (4/4)

Supplement VII:
Banking (1/2)

Supplement VIII:
Banking (2/2)

Supplement X:
History (1/13)

Supplement XI:
History (2/13)

Supplement XII:
History (3/13)

Supplement XIII:
History (4/13)

Supplement XIV:
History (5/13)

Supplement XV:
History (6/13)

Supplement XVI:
History (7/13)

Supplement XVII:
History (8/13)

Supplement XVIII:
History (9/13)

Supplement XVIX:
History (10/13)

Supplement XX:
History (11/13)

Supplement XXI:
History (12/13)

Supplement XXII:
History (13/13)

The images provided on this site were scanned from printed maps published before 1923, Hall County is providing access to these materials for educational and research purposes and is not aware of any U.S. copyright protection (see Title 17 of the United States Code) or any other restrictions.

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